Learn How To Release The Tension In Your Body Through Meditation

We all hold tension from the stresses in our daily lives within our physical form. Sometimes, we just need a reset and take a much needed break from the craziness of life. Holding tension, can not only be uncomfortable and restricting our muscles, but sometimes your body tries to let you know it's time to rest showing as daily aches and pains. As we get older might attribute these aches and pains to the mere fact that we're getting older, saying things like that, “The body's not as young as it used to be.”

While that statement may be very true, this is not the case at all. Especially when you read about these 50, 60, 70 and even 80 year old people now taking their fitness to a whole new level and getting in the best shape of their lives. Do not fool yourself … these daily aches and pains are you body's way of telling you to take notice, and take some time to reset. If you keep ignoring it, you will soon wish you had not.

One way of releasing the tension within your body is to simply meditate. Meditation is simply bringing together the mind, body and spirit! Time for self-love and healing will make all of the different in your physical body as well as your emotional self. You'll find that you are more clear and focused, grounded and centered. You may even find that you sleep better just by taking a bit of time for you to quiet that chatter.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of mediation: assists chronic inflammation, aids in digestion, assays mental stability, assists in overcoming OCD, soothes PTSD, assists with eating disorders, substance abuse, increases mental clarity and better concentration, promotes a healthy heart, reduces symptoms of anxiety, along with many more benefits of greater health and well-being.

I hold weekly guided meditation sessions at The Salt Hut in Oxford, PA, as well as I've created numerous guided meditations in electronic form for those who are not in my area. These meditations are created with the music of my Crystal Chakra Singing Bowls to boost the healing and harmonizing of the Chakras with sound.

Each mediation is very different with a different goal in mind. Some are very basic relaxation techniques through meditation and others are for those who are looking for a degree level of healing and guidance in their journey of life and healing themselves, finding their greater purpose in life, receiving intuition from their higher self, or meeting them guides. There's a taste for the beginners of meditation as well as those who've been meditating for some time.

I've recorded two specific one hour-long meditations for the body and releasing tension. The first meditation for the body is called body scan. It's a simple scan of your entire body to release the tension where it's being stored. This meditation allows you to just experience and feel your entitlement body deeply. It will help you become aware of the parts of your body that hold the most tension and guides you in releasing it.

The second body mediation is called Talk to Your Body – Prompt It To Go Back To Perfect Health. This meditation guides you to speak to your unconscious mind in the reprogramming of each body part, each system, organ, muscle, and cell. Just as you people use affirmations to re-condition their thoughts, you can speak to your unconscious mind and tell it exactly how it should function according to your needs.

I particularly like this one, because you are guided to use it for the specific needs of your body. As an example, if you have a terrible memory like I do, you can speak to your unconscious mind, letting it know that it's brain memory should function perfectly. Or in the case of a medical issue, you would reprogram your mind and your body to know the exact way it should be functioning.

Oh, the power of mediation. If we all just took the much needed time for ourselves to reset and heal the way our bodies were intended, we would all be so much healthier. Imagine what more you could accomplish in your life if you just stopped shortly enough every day to practice some self-love. Are not you worth it?

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So How Awake Are You Really?

Many years back when someone questioned my wakefulness in the mid of a discussion, I felt offended. I thought, what a silly question. Do not they see that I'm awake and alive and talking with them? Who in the right mind would question my wakefulness, while I'm in the middle of an active discussion with them.

Well, it took many years of learning, unlearning and observing to finally granted the validity of the argument.

If you are reading this post, it is obvious that you are awake. There is no doubt about it. But as you read, where is your mind? Is it fully focused on reading this post or do you have other thoughts going on in your mind?

Many times when we are engaged in an activity we are only partially focused on that activity. And in parallel, we have other thoughts going on in the background.

Of course, when I question your wakefulness, I do not mean it literally. I mean, how much conscious or how aware you are.

When you were brushing your teeth this morning, where were you? Did you feel the toothbrush rub against your teeth? Did you feel the tingling sensation in your gums that all toothpaste cause?

It is relatively that while brushing you were thinking of other things, probably planning your day or thinking about your work. When you were brushing, your mind was lost somewhere else. It was not paying attention to the brushing.

More importantly, your mind's thinking about other things, while you were actually brushing, happened without your conscious awareness. It happened subconsciously or automatically.

In general, you do have many moments of conscious awareness, where you consciously know exactly what you are doing and what is going on in your mind. You may have had brushing sessions where you were completely aware of the whole session. Such an experience is not out of the realm of possibility.

But, by and large, conscious awareness seems to come sporadically. And you tend not to consciously aware of the activities like brushing. Especially routine activities like brushing, showering, driving your way to work or back from work.

The experience that I am talking about is something you are all familiar with, although you may not have given much thought. It is called autopilot. We live our lives on autopilot.

Not being consciously aware while doing something is different compared to being consciously aware while doing it. Although, when you are not consciously aware of something it does not mean you are sleep. But it does not either mean you are fully awake in the sense of being fully conscious.

You may wonder, “So what?” So what, if I am not fully aware while brushing. You may excuse that brushing is an activity not worth bothering about. You may think it's not a big deal, not being consciously aware all the time. Beside, it is not that you are never consciously aware. You may think you are fully conscious when it comes to tasks that you deem important. And that's what matters.

It is true that not all activities require full awareness. We can argue that certain activities warrant conscious awareness more than others. When your spouse is giving shopping instructions or when your boss is giving important work related instruction or when your teacher is going through important lesson, you better not space out or get lost in thoughts.

When you are cooking or dealing with fire or driving a vehicle, you better have a full awareness of what's going on or otherwise you can endanger your life or your property. Where as brushing, showering, making your hair or other routine activities usually do not endanger you if you are lost in thoughts.

But is your conscious awareness really in your control? In other words, are you the one calling the shots when your conscious awareness switches on and off? Think about it. It rather looks that something else tends to dictate when you are going to be fully aware and when not. You seem not to be in charge of your conscious awareness.

We know that in the dark, an object needs to be illuminated with light in order to be viewed clearly. But, if you do not have a say on when the torch turns on and off; and moreover, if you can not even direct where the torch is beamed, this knowledge is not much help.

Now you are at the mercy of whoever that commands the torch. You will see clearly what and where the commander of the torch decides to beam the torch and not necessarily what you need to see.

This goes on to show that you have moments when you are fully aware but when you become fully aware looks to be out of your control. And in that context, how will you ensure that you become fully aware while carrying out the “important” task?

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It Is Time to Make Meditation Count

Look at you, you are so young and at the same time you are so scared. You even do not know why you are so scared but still you are and it does not mean that you are being paralyzed or you are really that much scared. These are your thoughts and you must instead stop swallowing your words; you must stop caring about what other people think. You must wear what you want and say what you want. The secret is 21st Century meditation that has helped people around the world achieve amazing goals simply by changing the way they think and now you can be a part of the same tribe.

The revolutionary mind focusing techniques are based upon a very simple proven practical principle that is described as – if you believe in something without reserving it and by picturing it in your mind, you can easily remove the subconscious obstacles so that you can achieve the desired goal or end result converting your belief into a reality. The power of imagination and belief can not be overstated and since, meditation can really help in building the miracles that will happen to you when you begin using the magical power of your mind.

21st Century meditation at the touch of a button is now offered by the expert teachers via user's guides and techniques. People around the world can access the website to know more about how to meditate and to gain the power of subconscious mind for better living and happiness. Meditation helps people by applying the practice of habitual thinking to create their destiny as they want it to be. It really helps those who give time to it in their daily routine. After all today's generation of life is not that easy to live. To change it all you need to have calm mind. For people, it is not easy to keep calm and that is how they spoil their moods that affect the path of their desired destiny. Peace of mind can easily be achieved by meditating daily. It can be performed at any place and especially at the early morning time to gain better and perfect results as your body lasts young & fresh at that very time. If you want to be a good, kind, religious and calm person then you must not waste the time anymore. The time is now and it wants you to meditate that can work miracles in your life.

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Reflections on Meditation

I began a daily meditation practice about 8 years ago. I very quickly realized how little time my mind spent in a state of persistence and non-distraction.

The hours of one's life can be so mired in worry. We worry about getting ahead, about making money and keeping up with the Jones. ' As parents we worry endlessly about our children's health and development. We fret about our relationships with others, about our carbon footprint, about the pesticides on our apples. And all of these thoughts carry us directly away from the present moment.

My meditation practice began to open my eyes about how seldom I was actually present. For example, I would notice that while showering after a busy day, instead of focusing my attention on the sensory experience of the warm water of my skin, my mind would be replaying the day's conversations and formulating illusions of conversations to come. It was like the shower was not even happening; I was sacrificing my precious moments in the here and now while my mind danced in an illusion of past and future events.

So much of our lives are spent getting through this so that we can get to what we really want, which is that … over there. We see our moments as means to an end, and not as fulfilling experiences in their own right. Meditation began to teach me that this lack of presence, this lack of connection to the present moment, is the very seed of suffering.

To sit quietly and settle your mind in a daily practice can be very challenging. You will come face-to-face with boredom and restlessness, the driving forces that make us avoid the present moment and long to be somewhere more exciting, more distracting. Our world has become so high-definition, so digitally enhanced, and the visual landscapes on our screens can make real life seem drab and boring. Maintaining our virtual avatar on Facebook often takes precedence over nurturing a healthy relationship with ourselves.

One of the main reasons our minds chatter and skip from past to future is because this process helps us avoid seeing things as they are-often boring, sometimes challenging, always in transition, and extremely beyond our control. The more we can create distraction in our lives, outside of ourselves, the more we can evade the scary truth of it all: That in about 80 years, not one of the 7 billion people living today will be alive, including our mortal selves.

Being present means waking up from this false dream world of mind chatter, shaking your head and drawing your attention away from two-dimensional media screens and fantastical escapist storylines and settling in to the reality of our body's cellular relationship with the world. That may sound boring, but the gift that lies within the stillness of a daily meditation practice is a chance to feel fearless, to feel connected and loved with no illusions of boundaries. You might find that all the exogenous distraction of your life and the storyline your mind has been created to make you feel full and real prevails you from seeing the true truth: That you are not permanent, that you are not in full control, that you don 't matter to everyone as much as you think you do, that you are vulnerable, and that that maybe all of this is completely okay. Meditation can help us see the beauty and fragility of life, calling to mind Achilles' words: “The reason life is so great is precisely because it does end.”

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What Exactly Is Kouksundo?

Kouksundo (also Kouk Sun Do or SunDo) is an ancient Korean practice; it was developed by Taoist monks. A combination of meditation and breathing techniques provide the very essence of the art. Kouksundo teaches us how to achieve balance with the rhythm of nature, the energies of the Universe, and our own inner energies. This in turn creates stronger health of body, mind, and spirit.

By learning and using traditional techniques directed at building highly optimized overall strength, one embarks upon a journey of growth, and will soon be experiencing improvement within their health and overall life. It may at first sound like big words, possibly with little substance; but in truth, the key to healthy and abundant living lies within having the body, mind and spirit run as a harmonized unit; Kouksundo was built upon this very principle.

A Look at How This Works

The breathing and meditation techniques of Kouksundo teach us to optimize the intake of life-giving Ki (or chi) energy. We learn to store it in centers (danjeons) of the body; we also learn to circulate that pure healing energy through channels through the body. Ki energy not only heals, but is also the source of vigor, vitality, and robustness in health.

Kouksundo teaches you how to breathe in the most natural and optimal way for your body. We are at birth equipped with the ability to breathe in this manner, and as we grow we gradually learn inferior ways to do what would best remain as it was. Learning to breathe naturally once again is a key element to lung health, and subsequently to optimizing the distribution of revitalizing energies through the body.


We can learn basic meditation techniques from just about any source, and with relative simplicity too. But if we take the time to learn the more specific ways of Kouksundo to target meditation towards improving our physical and mental health, we are then taking the initiative to master a highly refined technique that is commonly used in Korea as a healing method, and has been for over 9000 years.

Through practicing Kouksundo one can gain a degree of mental clarity. In daily life, with stress, work, and family issues to deal with; we often get frazzled and that's when thoughts scatter. By using the meditation practices taught us through Kouksundo, we can learn once again to add focus and solidity to scattered thought patterns.

How Does Spirituality Apply?

On a basic level, Ki energy is the very essence of our spiritual health. And too, meditation is one of the most effective ways to promote spiritual growth.

What Exactly is Kouksundo?

Kouksundo is sometimes referred to as a martial art, and at other times as a meditation technique. The truth lies somewhere in between. When the art was in its infancy, in the mountains of what is now Korea, the practice began as a martial art / healing art combination. There came a time when it was determined that the practice would continue focused entirely upon its healing benefits (which are certainly not limited to meditation alone). This does not necessarily mean that it is not a martial art though, as there are other practices considered martial arts that began as methods of self-defense, then at some point turned to evolve in another direction. They are referred to as martial arts just the same.

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In Silence You Find Your True Self – Part 2

It's been said that in silence we find our true self, well, as a meditation practitioner I'd like to share that this statement carries fundamental evidence. If our true self lies within the boundaries of silence and if we, as Seekers, really want to know where to find this silence and how we may find our true self, then we must find a way to get there.

In my previous article, In Silence You Find Your True Self – Part 1 I mentioned that in a deep meditative state there are absolutely no:

  • Words – Verbiage exists regardless in form of expression, language, vocabulary, nor terms.
  • Images – Neither in icons, pictures, ideas, nor figures.
  • Sounds – No such things as hums, echoes, noises, jingles, nor any type of clatter.
  • Thoughts – None exist in terms of feelings, opinions, judgments, or points of view.

Once we've attained part one, which is silence, then what?

Then comes part two, finding your true self. What is your true self?

Your true self in a meditative state is:

  • Indescribable Peace – Peace is like an extreme quietness.
  • Profound Tranquility – Tranquility is like full harmony.
  • Utmost Serenity – Serenity is like an ultimate contentment.
  • Great Love – Love is like an intense caring for yourself and others.

Summary of part one and part two: Silence is an essential component to finding your true self and must first be attained in order to gain entrance into a treasure trove. This treasure trove is where you find your true self. Examples of your true self are: loving, peaceful, harmonious, serene, calm, to name a few. This is your true self.

Upon each return from your deep meditation practice you bring with you a piece of some treasure. You will not know what specific treasure, but that treasure is what you need most in your life and will manifest in the form of you becoming more loving, more peaceful, or more harmonious with others. That treasure will emanate from you to those around you and believe me, others will notice!

I hope you too find your true self; that beautiful, loving, caring, harmonious person!


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In Silence You Find Your True Self – Part 1

In meditation circles we often hear the phrase “In silence you find your true self”. As a certified meditation instructor and practitioner I'd like to share that this statement carries fundamental evidence. If your true self lies within the boundaries of silence and if you, as a Seeker, really want to know where to find this silence and how you may find your true self, then you must find a way to get there.

In regards to a daily meditation practice, research has found that 20 minutes twice a day is sufficient for everyday life and routines. If you're a new practitioner you may need to set a timer to keep track of your time. After much practice you'll know when the 20 minutes are up and will not need a timer. You're self-awareness will let you know when the time is up. Upon your return from your meditative state, you'll find yourself refreshed, nurtured, loved, and at peace with yourself and those around you.

Remarkably, while in a deep meditative state you're still aware of your surroundings and outside noises do not interfere with that indescribable silence of deep meditation. As a meditation practitioner, I have found myself in this silence and have seen my true self; therefore I'd like to share my finds so maybe you too may find your true self which is loving, peaceful harmonious, and serene.

I'll begin with silence. What does silence in a deep meditative state actually mean? It means there are:

  • No Words – Words as you know them exists regardless in forms of expression, language, vocabulary, nor terms.
  • No Images – Images in your mind exist neither in icons, pictures, ideas, nor figures.
  • No Sound – Sound does not exist in any formats such as hum, echo, noise, jingle, nor clatter.
  • No Thoughts – Thoughts do not exist either in feelings, opinions, judgments, nor points of view.

Yes, it's an attainable state, but only if you continue your daily meditation practice. The purpose of the deep silence is to be able to walk into a treasure trove where you find your true self. The information I'm sharing is too extensive to place as one article so I encourage you to please read In Silence You Find Your True Self – Part 2

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Boost Your Immune System: 3 Methods

Is your body fighting bad guys that are trying to overrun your physical well-being? That's exactly what happens when we get sick. While recently experiencing an illness I came to realize that I'd succumbed to it so suddenly because I had stopped my meditation practice. As a practitioner, meditation has been my daily to do for years. However, life got busy, I started traveling more, then it happened, I became awfully sick!

Well, well, what a surprise!

Fact is that extensive research has found that meditation can actually provide you with immune boosting capabilities. As a practitioner I'd like to suggest these 3 methods that have proven successful for immune boosting. These are:

1. Reduce stress: When you're less stressed your body gets stronger. Your body functions in the manner it was meant to do, and that is to protect and maintain it in a healthy condition. With stress reduction the body is able to detach from environmental stressors allowing feelings of relaxation to encompass both body and mind.

2. Do nothing: Do nothing? Meditation students often ask: how can just sitting doing nothing boost your immune system? In reality, just doing nothing for 20 minutes, twice a day will actually boost your immune system. It's like taking a little nap so your mind and body can regenerate because you're not running from point A to point B.

3. Be at peace with yourself: The part of your brain where your emotions originate is called the limbic system. You can learn to train your brain and be at peace through the daily practice of meditation. Only you can make this happen; so take charge of your life by being at peace with yourself.

The above three methods will help boost your immune system so you may fight those bad guys that are trying to overrun your physical well-being. So go ahead; just sit, meditate, and build your strong immune system.

By doing this everyday you'll be granted better and healthier days ahead. As for me, I'm back home, meditating, and re-building my immune system.

Best to you (us)!

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How Meditations Help To Prevent And Curb Anger Issues

You have probably heard people raving about the benefits of meditation, from better health to better concentration. But there is another excellent benefit that most of us are in dire need of-the effect meditation has on anger, both in terms of it being a solution and also to prevent triggering anger bursts.

Think of your brain as the canvas that determines what colors are to be predominately put on it. Can you put black paint on a black canvas? No, similarly an unhealthy brain filled with constant worry and stress can never let the anger issues rest. Meditation helps to improve the mental health by affecting the brain in a positive way.

Some of the health benefits of meditation are:

· Less stress and anxiety

· Better concentration

· A calmer mind

· Reduces depression

· Strengthens and thickens the cortical wall of the brain, which in turn improves the ability to make better decision.

What happens in the brain when you are angry?

Have you noticed how your head feels heavier when you are angry? What really happens is that when your anger issues creep up, the amygdala part of the brain becomes over active and this makes the brain want to do something to deal with whatever or whoever is making you angry. Remember how you want to punch the guy in the face because you are just that seething at the very sight of him.

Secondly, the frontal lobe of the brain that is associated with reasoning gets blurred by the blood rush to the brain. You can not see reasons or think about the consequences, you just 'feel' more and more of this negative feeling unless you consciously make a decision not to.

And this is where meditation can help. Talking from the preventive point of view, when you meditate and improve the overall health of the brain, you are in a way working towards creating a better and healthier canvas. This canvas does not get muddled and dominated by emotions when you are angry.

Meditation strengthens your power to reason over the power emotions have on you. In laymen terms, you are in control of your emotions and not vice-versa.

Regular meditation not only induces a sense of calm but it enables you to tap in this feeling of calm whenever you want, even at times when you are spitting mad. Anger is considered to be a 'poison' in Buddhism which can be easily combated by meditation-an integral part of Buddhist practice.

Okay as a preventive measure this might work, but can it work when you are actually caught up in the middle of the anger tide. Can you really just flip a switch and go from angry to calm and composed?

You can but it's not as easy as flipping a switch. It is a series of steps that needs effort and practice.

The next time when you are angry, do not run away from it. Face it. Start with thinking about the 'feeling' you feel when you are angry and not the cause behind the anger. So if someone said hurtful things to you, do not reiterate on what they said but concentrate on how you feel and where exactly do you feel the most- your head throbs, your jaw tightens, lump in the chest. Just figure what your personal zone of anger is.

Now, take deep breaths, try to match the frequency of your breath with the feeling of anger so that with every breath you take you feel anger dissipating inside.

Once you are reliably calmer, focus on reasoning it out. 'So the hurtful things that said does not make sense because I am not a back biter' or 'Whatever they say speaks more about them than me, why should I bother' when you say things that contradict this feeling, the anger surrounding it tends to weaken and give way to peace and calm.

Be patient, calm your amygdala! No seriously when you choose to be patient and not let your knuckles kiss the person's cheek with a lot of passion, you will be rewarded not just by not getting legally charged but also because this strengthens your power. If you decide to be a patient, you will immediately feel some pressure being taken off your shoulders. Just focus on staying patient; and one very good way to do so is zone out of the situation and concentrate on happier things.

Meditation is an excellent way to deal with a lot of issues that can be controlled by mastering the mind, anger being one of them. Also, note that meditation is not just about sitting in solitude and staring at a blank space, there are a number of different ways to meditate, you can even listen you favorite music and meditate. In fact you can meditate even without 'meditating' by just staying in the present and letting go of the negatives.

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Mindfulness Meditation: What It Is, What It Does, and How You Can Do It!

Whether you're a veteran meditator looking to strengthen your repertoire of wellness techniques, or a beginner looking for a meditative practice that's a right fit, mindfulness meditation is a great place to start.

Here's a look at what it is, where it came from and how it evolved, what its benefits are, as well as a look at some helpful tips to get you started.

What is Mindfulness?

In an interview with Maia Szalavitz, health writer and neuroscientist journalist for Time.com, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn says, “My working definition of mindfulness is the awareness that arises through paying attention on purpose in the present moment – nonjudgmentally. Virtually everything. ”

He also goes a little deeper with his explanation, defining how it's those unconscious views that go on behind the scenes that, in the end, determine our habitual behaviors.

To further the definition, let's take a look at the opposite of what mindfulness is – mindlessness. The most basic way to describe mindlessness is how we tend to go on autopilot, how we zone out and go about our days without putting much thought to why exactly we do the things we do.

To help illustrate this point, consider those who suffer from emotional eating disorders. Many of them consume food, not because they are hungry, but rather because they are automatically reacting to an emotional stimulus.

The first part of the solution to this problem is for these sufferers to recognize the thought patterns that lie behind their behaviors – to realize the connection between the two – and begin to question those actions.

What Mindfulness Is Not

While taking a look at what mindfulness meditation is, it may also help to define what it is not. Mindfulness is not a religious practice, though this is not to say that a person can not strengthen his or her spirituality by using it.

The transition of mindfulness from a Buddhist practice to a mainstream medical practice is mostly due to the efforts of Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, a molecular biologist who studied at MIT and started the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program at the Massachusetts University Medical Center.

What Mindfulness is used For

There is a wide range of practical applications for, and benefits of, mindfulness meditation. Many people use these techniques to reduce stress, promote tranquility, and enhance their overall well-being.

Medical professionals use them to help treat anxiety, depression, pain, sleep disorders, and other illnesses.

Many athletes even use mindfulness as a way to further enhance their athletic performance by coupling mindfulness meditation techniques with the practice of creative imagery.

To add to the impressive list of benefits, the Massachusetts University Medical Center's website boasts “three decades of published research” that shows additional benefits to include:

– An improved ability to relax and manage stress levels.
– More energy and exuberance
– Long-term decreases in psychological and physiological symptoms
– An enhanced ability to not only cope with pain, but actually reduce it as well

How to Begin Practicing Mindfulness

Mindfulness, although difficult to completely master, is very easy to begin practicing. Essentially, it's a free practice that requires nothing; all you need is a few minutes of your time and an open mind.

You should note that there are no hard and fast rules to follow. The length, location, specific techniques, and many other variables can be changed based on your own personal preference as you see fit.

With that said, however, the following beginner tips should get you headed in the right direction. An article on Psychology Today breaks this style of meditation down into three main components: body, breath, and thought. It is these three areas that you should be mindful of as you meditate.

First, focus on your bodily sensations. Get comfortable in a relaxing environment. Take notice of things like wherever you are comfortable, warm, cold, and so on.

Next, concentrate on your breathing. Unlike other forms of meditation, with mindfulness, your goal is not to change your breathing patterns. All you want to do is simply take notice of your breathing exactly as it is.

Finally, bring your attention to your thoughts. As best as you can, try to stay in the present, but do not be warned if you notice your thoughts wandering. In fact, you should expect it.

When they do wonder, just gently bring your attention back to the present without judging. Your goal is not to stop yourself from thinking, but rather to notice how, where, and when you mind wanders.

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Meditation Connective Crystal Healing

Written Meditation Introduction

There are many forms of meditation, still, intuition based or even moving meditations, such as tai chi. Visualizations are used to focus a meditation toward a specific goal and to help one achieve a state of meditation. Music is used to achieve a state of relaxation.

A meditation that first has to be learned and remembered through reading and visualization, gives us a solid foundation to meditation, without music or a voice guiding us. Remembering all that is needed to meditate is yourself. It is your own special private place where you get in touch with you.

A written meditation allows us ultimate freedom of expression, visualization and goal, we personally wish to achieve. Adding your own thoughts to the meditation as you learn it, is a good thing, I do encourage it.

Before we begin, recite out loud three times:

I am willing and able to receive healing. The source of my healing is the universal light of life itself.

Find a quiet space, make sure you will not be disturbed, lay comfortably. Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths, in through the nose out through the mouth, relax the mind and body.

This meditation is designed to tune into the healing power of crystals.

Lay down, arms by your side, legs a comfortable, shoulder width apart. Rest your eyes, breathe in deeply, in through the nose, exhale out of the mouth. Do this three times.

Have a personal crystal or gem stone ready, one that you feel benefits you. Place the crystal on your solar plexus chakra (where the ribcage meets, in-between the breasts).

Counting your breaths now, each time you breathe in through your nose, count. When you exhale clear your mind of the day you just had and the day ahead of you. Do this to the count of eleven. (Example breathe in, one, exhale clear the mind. Breathe in, two, exhale clear the mind, and so on).

Resting deeply now, take your focus to the crystal resting on your body.Visualize your bodies energies (aura) and the crystals together, communicating with each other on an astral level.

Through this connection the crystal gains knowledge in how best to help and heal you. A warmth is felt on the body where the crystal lies, if the connection has been made. Remembering a feeling of warmth is love and coldness is fear.

Back to your breathing now, in through the nose, exhale out of the mouth, deep breaths. Do this three times. Prepare yourself to wake and arise, do this slowly over a few minutes.

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5 Meditation Techniques For Beginners

Want to enhance your life through daily meditation practice? You can achieve a perfect life, full of joy, true love and happiness by implementing a daily meditation habit into your life. Try these five meditation tips presented in this article and enjoy the benefits.

1. Find The Right Pose

The classic position for meditation with legs crossed and palms open is not the only one you can use. Being comfortable while you meditate is a key factor of success. If the classic meditation pose does not feel comfortable for you, it is alright to choose another one. There are many meditation positions that you can try. You may sit on a cushion with your legs crossed or you may sit on a cushion while kneeling. If you suffer from back pain it is fine to just lie down while meditation. You may experiment with different positions and find the one you are most comfortable with.

2. Breath From The Belly

There are more ways you can breathe, the main variations being the belly breath and the shallow breath. People who are overwhelmed and stressed generally have a shallow breath, barely enough to notice. The way we breathe affects our mental and physical health. A shallow breath is not the correct way to breathe and has unhealthy effects on our mind and body.

When meditating, always start by breathing from your belly. This is called belly breathing or diaphragmatic breathing. Place your hand on your belly and observe how it contracts and expands. Then close your eyes and focus on breathing through your nose, while keeping your body relaxed and your back straight. You can start meditating after several minutes of breathing from your belly.

3. Meditate In Your Lunch Hour

Nowadays, people have become more busy than ever, with tight work schedules. Traditionally, meditation was performed at the sunrise, a perfect way to start your day. It is fine if you do not find time to meditate in the morning, before work. You can do it instead at work, in your lunch hour. All equipment you need for meditating is just your mind . So it is no reason why you could not meditate at your workplace. Center and focus inwards during your lunch hour, whether you do it in a nearby park, or just in your car.

4. Intention Meditation

To achieve even more benefits from meditation you can meditate with purpose and intention. Before taking the first breath focus on what you want to accomplish. You may be wanting peace of mind, you may need to get rid of anxiety, or you may just need to turn off the internal chatter. Ask for what you want during your meditation and you will experience how powerful your intentions can be.

5. Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation helps beginners to avoid distraction and focus on a positive thought, as well as connecting with their true self.

Sit in your favorite position and breathe deeply from your diaphragm. Observe how your breath flows in and out. After a few breaths, start incorporating a mantra in your meditation. You can choose a positive word or phrase that brings harmony, purpose, and self-acceptance.

By starting to have a regular habit to meditate daily you will be surprised how different you will begin to feel. With commitment and consistent practice, you will literally change your life.

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Squadron of Angels in a Moment of Strain

No matter where you are in your spiritual journey some days everything seems out of proportion and out of your control. In the daily spiritual grind, many times you feel so alone, even if we become aware, we realize that we are not alone.

On this day it was an emotional day, I went for a run to blow off this fearful energy after writing in the journal. As soon as I stretched out and started to run I felt a great relief. Running is a constant in my life, and gives me the satisfaction of accomplishment. I ran in a big park near my house. I estimate that the total distance was six to eight miles. It was emotional for me throughout the running sessions. During this time some very strong allies came to support me. I never believe encounters with animals or creatures are random, because I have always intriguing and unique encounters with animals that no one else has had.

There was a squadron of six brown birds with long tails and white and black stripes on their wings, and tail that were escorts my run. The stripes reminded me of the sergeants stripes on the military uniforms. During the course of my run I had a point of pain in my middle of my rib cage left side. When I finished that point was hurting and with full-blown sadness. I stopped and beaten and breathed through it. The squadron of brown birds resembled a team of fighter planes in coordinated airshow maneuvers. As I was running around the fence of the ball field, which made a narrow channel between the fence and three trees. The birds would line up on the fence one after the other, or 3 on the fence and 3 in the tree on the other side of the channel. Each time that I moved into a prejudice position on the fence, the birds would fly across my path interweaving a line directly in my path that reminded me of the chains of the DNA strands being formed. They did this back and forth. The squadron darted back and forth making this pattern of intricate DNA strands before me as a ran. Each and every flight, I thanked them, and felt they were encouraging me. The next session, all six of the squadron, lined up equal-distance on the fence, and one after the other took off in formation. They flew away from me down the channel of fence as if they were flying down the runway, at a precise and specific place at the end of the runway, each flyer abruptly lifted up and veered off to the right to land in a high branch of the third tree to the right. Again with each take off and maneuver down the run way I thanked all the flyers.

When I stopped my first session and was overwhelmed with emotions, the birds walked around on the ground, flashing their white stripe tails up in the air. As I walked around the fence and ball field, I felt the strain emotionally and physically in my rib and my legs. There were bleacher benches coming up about 100 feet away, and I focused all my effort to bring myself to those benches and have a rest. As I approached the silver benches, I aimed my butt at the lowest row of seats and closest side to me was the left side of the bleacher seats. As I slid onto the seat. I saw a tiny apple-green-leaf -like insect on the seat right next to me. I knew it was an insect as soon as I approached. Still filled with emotion and feeling so inadequate I sensed this little green-leaf-insect would understand feeling so tiny and uniquate. As I sat, an overwhelming presence of compassion filled my mind and being. Even though I was crying fairly hard, I felt comforted by this tiny green leaf. After a few moments, I felt the burden lifted from me. I looked at my little companion and noticed how much it really looked like a leaf with tiny legs. The leaf were actually two gossamer shiny green wings sticking straight up, but closed together as if you put your two palms together to pray. The wings had tiny little vertical lines like silken threads. The insect walked on it's tiny feet on the bench for a moment, and walked a distance in length of about the size of my pinky fingernail from top to bottom. I found this little encounter fascinating. Was this little creature an “angel?” It also reminded me of wings. “Remember the wings.” Even though it appeared to be inadequate, and it appeared to struggle as it crawled a short distance, it was still a mythical creature that could fly at any moment. Still sitting near such a big thing as me, it was not afraid of me. Anyone else might have pushed it away, once it was realized that it was an insect, but I thought it was sharing it's bench with me, and there was no need to react with distrust. I thanked my little green giant.

When I was up and running again, the bird squadron, had another slight change to the flight pattern. This time, one bird up on the fence, and one bird on the ground in the field behind the fence. When I hit that precise mark as I entered my channel. Both birds started their flight back down the runway. One on the channel in front of me outside the fence edge, and the counterpart, flying inside the fence lifting from the ground to the air. Staying slightly behind the first bird in formation. Again both of them lifted up and cut to the right to the third tree to the right. A few more steps and second team lifted off, and a few more steps and third team. Second team landed in a tree further off the channel near the picnic area, and third team of flyers still further away. When I stopped my second session very winded from my two sessions of run, I thanked all the squadron of fighter pilots and told them, as I was walking that I would not return today, and appreciated the support. In my mind, I kept thinking, “Remember Wings.” I thought about how that would relate to my current situation, and I thought, yes this is a reminder, that a part of me is on the ground and it may be a struggle, but “my spirit has wings” and whether I start on the fence or on the ground, I can still accomplish a good flight for the day. ”

As I walked around the bleachers where I had sat with my tiny green friend, he or she had gone. I said a prayer of gratitude and continued to walk towards home. I dropped my head from fatigue and as I my baseball cap dipped downwards, a yellow monarch flew directly under my cap, as if instructing me to lift my head up. I did. Walking near the tennis courts, on the path is a public rest room, I decided to use the bathroom. Before I entered I saw a man with a very quiet demeanor who reminded me of a monk. He was sitting upright on the bench with his hands laying on each thigh, in a meditation position. He was thin and wearing a loose white shirt. He was wearing dark shorts. He was bald, but appeared young, and he had thick gray eyebrows. He had a soft smile on his face, and he smiled at me but did not move in any way, as I approached the bathroom. I smoked too and said good morning. As I passed I felt as if he was a holy man, and I felt a very calming presence. He responded “Good morning.”

A minute later I came out and he was no longer sitting there, I looked the length of the walkway, and on the intersecting paths but did not see him. I surprised how he had suddenly disappeared quickly, and again thought he might be an angel. All of these signs encouraging me that I'm not alone, and I do not have to struggle alone. Birds, insects, monarch butterflies, holy men presenting themselves as my allies through this moment of development and spiritual incline. If you become aware of them every encounter that you have during your day can become significant. Angels and guides are with us whenever it is with animal or creature form, or as they appear in human forms. A small prayer, “If I have any allies, please let them present themselves.” Egypt “Angels, in this moment I feel overwhelmed and alone, please send me the exact guide or guidance to help me pass through.” Lastly “Remember Wings.”

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Healing With Meditation and Its Effective Use to Help People

Meditation is one of the most effective alternative therapies . In other words, it can be described as a mind-body medicine that has help several individuals throughout the world get relief from the symptoms of asthma, high blood pressure, insomnia, angina and stress. Beside, even the doctors believe of healing with meditation and its effectiveness recommending it to their patients.

Meditation is the safest and easiest means of balancing the mental, emotional and physical state of an individual. In fact, regardless of age, gender or medical condition, anyone can do it and reap its benefits. Although, it may sound like a new form of alternative therapy, it has its roots in ancient cultures and religions of the world. People have been practicing it through the ages all around the world.

Almost all the religious sects of the world practice mediation in one form or another. Beside, since ancient times, people have known about the healing by meditation. Even science has proved that medication works. Some of the known benefits of medication are calmness, blissful nature, peace of mind, overall good health, stress relief meditation, etc.

The Power of Healing With Meditation

Today, we can call meditation as a form of stress management which can help in creating constant positive energy to help our mind stay calm and battle the negative thoughts and outside elements that steal our peace. It helps a person to control his / her thoughts and emotions. In fact, an experienced meditation practitioner can have a higher level of control over such emotions, which helps him to turn negative energy into positive and better deal with it when faced with adversities.

In other words, it helps the individual to have a better control over his life since he can change the state of his mind whenever faced with challenges. Meditation is known to be beneficial in many ways. Today, stress is one of the most common issues we face, which plays a major role in being the cause of several ailments. However, meditation is the best treatment for reducing stress, and less stress means less problems.

Most of the people get overwhelmed by their immediate feelings and are not able to control their reactions, which further escalates the already bad situation into worse. However, with meditation one can easily manage anger & stress, and prevent such situations. The power to connect mind with the body and removing all the clutter from the mind helps in creating a medium for better spiritual atonement.

Most of the medical conditions can cause quite a pain and suffering. However, in some of the cases when the pain is mild, our mind can actually amplify the pain and make it more excruciating. This can later act as a hindrance for the healing process and make it worse. As a matter of fact, studies have revealed that the healing with mediation sessions can help a person feel better by focusing more on the pleasant things rather than the pain. By doing so, the person can feel less pain or suffering and can reach a state where things become manageable.

One of the most noteworthy benefits of mediation is that it is quite effective in controlling the blood pressure. In fact, there's a type of meditation which is specifically meant for treating blood pressure issues.

Using meditation as a way of controlling the blood pressure also comes with an additional benefit and that is low dependence on drugs and strong pills.

Moreover, meditation even helps in developing a perpetual relaxation state, which later turns into routine practice whenever one notices uneasy or faces adverse situations. Bad or negative energies will always surround us; however, it is up to us to learn how to control it using positive energy.

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Sleep Disorders Treatment Without Using Any Medication

A lot of people worldwide face several problems related to sleep disorders. These kinds of disorders are caused by innumerable factors. However, you can easily visit a doctor and undergo a treatment for the same. Treating insomnia without the use of any medications can be a bit tough but it is definitely a great method which you must go for. The article given below will tell you more about sleep disorders treatment without using any medication. Make sure you pay proper attention towards the below mentioned points.

How to set the scene for a sound sleep?

• You should avoid reading books are watching TV late at night if you suffer from one of the sleeping disorders. You should just keep your bedroom for having sex and sleeping. Make sure that you keep yourself away from all kinds of distractions.

• Consider installing curtains or shades, turn off the alarm clock and control the amount of light that comes into your room. A light eye mask could help you in ensuring proper sleep at night.

• Try and establish a suitable routine for sleeping at night. If your body automatically starts to shut down at 11 pm then you should follow a suitable routine accordingly.

• Avoid consuming a lot of food at night as it could disturb your body's rhythm a great deal. The body requires some energy to digest the food you've consumed and so you might have to wake up at night.

• Cut down your caffeine and sugar intake a great deal, especially at night. Caffeine can easily cause insomnia if you consume it regularly at night.

• Avoid exercising late at night as it is not at all good for your health. You may have to compromise on your sleeping habit if you work out late at night.

Getting tested

• You should first visit a doctor and try to find out what exactly is going wrong. Sleep apnea is one of the major problems that can bother you and you should cure it by changing your sleeping habits. Losing weight or doing yoga could also prove to be helpful.

• Undergo a suitable sleep study in order to enjoy a sound sleep at night. You must ensure that you work hard to change your sleeping habits.

• In case the problem is serious then you should consider working under the guidance of an expert doctor. He will definitely help you in getting rid of this problem in the most amazing way.

These are some of the most important things that you got to remember regarding sleep disorders treatment without using any medication. You got to ensure that you seek some proper help from experts so that you are able to take your earnings to a new level. You must consider treating the sleep disorder without taking any medications as it is a healthy way of staying fit. Try spending more and more time with your loved ones in order to enjoy a sound sleep.

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